Feeling stuck? Break the infinite loop of time!

I like action adventure and superhero series or movies where the good guys always win in the end. I won’t go into the psychological analysis behind this here as it probably deserves its own write-up. Moving on… The most frustrating episodes or scenes for me were when the main hero gets stuck in an infinite loop of time, having to live and re-live the same sequence of events time after time. There was something exceptionally frustrating about that for me. It is like I was living it and feeling it at the same time… Don’t you feel this way sometimes, like you are stuck in an infinite time loop? Sure, sometimes the faces or scenery are different but in essence you live the same life over and over again… I believe many of us suffer from this situation and finding a way out is not easy, but there is hope.


Let’s start with the good news. The good news is that being aware of being stuck in this loop is a big part of the solution. Sure, it is a painful realization and frustrating but hey! At least this means you have a chance to do something about it and not let life just happen to you. Perhaps your life can now have some more meaningful meaning. If we stick to the infinite time loop analogy in movies and how our hero gets out of it, it is usually one of two things: Either they finally figure out the one thing they need to change so that time moves on or someone external to this time loop notices their situation and pulls them out of this predicament. How does that apply to us mortals in the real world? Well, I assume there is always the chance that someone will notice that you are in this infinite time loop and come to your rescue, but if you are anything like me, I don’t like to wait for Godot, I like to know that I am in control of my destiny. Plus, chances are most people are stuck in the same loop, so the probability that someone notices you and pulls you out is not that high. This leaves us with the option of what action can we take, what can we change in this daily loop that will release us? The answer I discovered so far is surprisingly easy and so clear that we tend to overlook it: “Take action!” Any action really… It is better than no action. Make sure you take one action that is different every time you feel you are in this loop. The fact that you take that action, no matter how small or meaningless it might seem, will take you one step closer to the solution. This “small” action might have a huge butterfly effect and break you out of this infinite loop to a great new reality.


So if you feel stuck in the loop of infinite events and life is just happening to you, then take action… any action you feel the need to take, it doesn’t really matter what… then, keep moving. Whatever you are thinking about, no matter how small it is, even if it simply led you to reading this, will prove to be helpful. So just act on it… Stop reading now and go take action.



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