The Alchemist: Are You Ready To Read It?

I just finished reading the Alchemist a couple of days ago and it was fascinating. I know that the Alchemist by Paolo Coelho is not a new book but I sincerely believe it is one of those books that you have to read at the right time or it’s not going to touch you in the way it is meant to.


I decided to read The Alchemist because it was mentioned by Mel Robbins in her book: “The 5 Second Rule” as one of her favorite books and I remembered hearing about the Alchemist from different other people in my network. Interestingly, it was there on my list of books to read but somehow had slipped off my mind. As Mel would say:” 5,4,3,2,1…” and I downloaded the book. What a beautiful journey it was! When I asked my friends and colleagues about this book, some said it was great, others not so much, others couldn’t really see what the hype was all about. That seriously surprised me! How can anyone not see what this book is all about? How can they not find it amazing!


I was reflecting on that, and I believe I found the answer and even tested my theory (kind of). You see just like in the book, each one of has their “personal legend”. Some of us are living it, others are searching for it, others are remembering it, and others forgot it. I will not go into the details of the book as I would leave you the pleasure of discovering it. Another reason though is that this book needs to be read at the right time! When you ask someone about this book and they did not “like” it or relate to it, or get it, it is because they read it at the wrong time. This happened to a colleague of mine for example. She read it a few years ago and could only see a shepherd and his journey… She read it again and now sees it differently. Another friend of mine who is an entrepreneur and strikes me as someone who is “living” or about to live his “personal legend”. Over a call, I recommended this book to him and he just messaged me to tell me that he can’t stop reading this book and that it speaks to him on so many levels. You see! You do not choose this book. It chooses you!


The Alchemist reminded me of my “personal legend” just like an omen from the book. I can’t say that this did not shake me. It did. It prompted me to write about it too. I can’t help but think of this famous word repeated in the book by the men of the desert: “Maktoob”!




Comment, Like, Share. I would love to hear about your experience with the book and if you recommend any other books.


  1. I command you dear Michael for finding the time to read and search for ideas and life experiences, in a period where you have a lot to do and see, so; reading, especially books, is considered wasting more time than we can spare, so, it is consequently neglected.
    I wish you put a brief on the book subject, to save me time reading it. hahaha


    • Hi,
      Thank you for your kind comment. Actually I do recommend the book for it’s true essence to come through. However, here is a brief summary/teaser. The book describes the beautiful adventure of a shepherd who travels from Spain to Egypt to find a treasure that he had dreamt about. The key takeaway: We are all born with and know our “personal legends”. Call it our purpose if you want. However, as we grow and progress through life, some of us lose site of that. It takes courage to follow our “personal legend”. Our heart speaks to us and we can feel there is something wrong when we stray from our path but we continue to do so often driven by fear, or excuses, or even comfort. So, eventually our heart stops speaking to us because it doesn’t want us to be sad. And soon we become just another person stuck where they are. On our path to achieve our personal legend, we end up living many adventures, and the universe sends us omens and conspires to help us achieve it. it doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it will be beautiful. Eventually we become one with the soul of the World.

      I hope this helps!


    • Hi,
      I have a secret. I listen to certain books when I can’t read them. There are many audio books out there and the app I use is Audible. This means that sometimes i have to listen over and over to the same book or chapter to really assimilate it but it is better than nothing. I often listen to the books while driving from an to work. Enjoy reading!


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