Frustrated? That’s a good thing!



Have you ever had this feeling where you are constantly feeling frustrated, somewhat unhappy, even sad, and yet everything in your life seems ok? Better yet, “your life couldn’t be better” is what friends, family and even strangers would tell you. You have a great job, you make good money, perhaps you have a family, a cool car, a nice house/apartment, you travel a few times a year, can buy most of what you like, and are blessed with an amazing health. And the list goes on. So how could you possibly be feeling so frustrated? “Get a grip and be grateful” they will tell you.

Well, these are all great things to have don’t get me wrong and I wouldn’t claim that you should not appreciate and be grateful for what you have, and/or what you have accomplished, and/or what you have earned. And yet, I would tell you that this feeling of frustration is natural. Actually, I would go further to say that it is a great thing for you!

You see, we live in a World where we are exposed daily to what an ideal life looks like and we strive for it. In the process we are all becoming clones of each other sometimes without even noticing it and even thinking that what we do, and our customized possessions make us unique somehow. Never daring to seek that thing that no one else seems to want. If you are frustrated despite all the “great” things in your life, it’s because your “true self” is feeling frustrated. It is telling you that this life you are leading might be good for everyone else but not for you. Have you ever wondered why things seem so difficult to achieve? Do they really have to? Why? That’s because you are trying to force things to happen, to fall into the expected mold of what this “great” life is supposed to look like.

Here is a crazy thought: Dare to be “different”. You heard this many times before perhaps. Be “truly different”. True to your real self. Follow that feeling of frustration to uncover what you really want your life to be. Leading a life that you desire should not only eliminate that feeling of frustration but also give you all of the previous perks and benefits (health and wealth among many) but without feeling it was a battle to get there. Ever heard of the concept of “flow”? (there are many books and articles on flow that you can find online) Let your life flow. In fact, the hardest thing that you think you would need to do might be the easiest yet. LET GO! Yes, just let go of all these boundaries and limitations and follow your “true self”, what feels right to you. You might be surprised where that would take you. While we used to have too much feeling and not enough structure in the not so distant past, we have quickly moved to too much structure, information and tools and not enough feeling guided actions. This is harder than you think. Especially in our World today. Just try to stay 5 minutes without doing anything, without having a thousand thoughts or distractions. Today letting go is potentially the hardest thing to do.

A practical way that might help you get there, is to explore the potential of your subconscious. Learn to meditate. Imagine your ideal self and believe it, feel it as if it is already there. I can’t claim to be an expert in this and there are so many books and writers that have made it their mission to help others explore these topics and I can guide you to a few. What I do know though is that I have fun experimenting with this and sometimes I really like my “true self” and can’t wait until my “true self” meets my current life.


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Inspired by the Movie “The Greatest Showman” (Song: This is me)

And the following books:

The power of your subconscious


The Divine Matrix


Becoming Supernatural



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