Daily reminders from 1h listening to Wayne Dyer by Rana Saad Malek

Good morning lovely family. Today, I listened to an hour of Wayne Dyer. You might know these already but I thought I’d share anyway as a nice daily reminder. Listening to this guy is meditation 🙂

– Every single one of us is a spiritual being having a human experience (not the other way round)

– As you think, so shall you be. What you think about is what expands. 

– Circumstances in our lives reveal the kinds of choices we have been making.

– If you want to make God laugh, tell him/her your plans.  Shift yourself from your plans and allow yourself to be in divine perfection

– The soul is there, resides and sleeps in formless beams of light. You can’t kill that which has no boundaries. 

– The spread of light is an invisible property. Quantum physics is not only stranger than you think, it’s stranger than you can think. 

– Everything that has happened is leading you to the mission you have. 

– Knowing comes from within. Beliefs are handed to you. When we know, we begin to align. 

– You have to learn how to shut down the inner dialogue, the inventory of beliefs, endless repetitions of things that offend you, judge you… If you want to know the one and only voice of God, sit in silence. All human’s troubles stand on the inability to sit in a room alone past the chatter.

– Your intuition is God talking to you.

With love ! Rana

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